ADEM advantages, Value, Efficiency, Versatility

ADEM advantages

  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Improves user performance / quality of work
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Universal use – fits into various manufacturers heads
  • Greater ROI
    • durable to last longer
    • leading edge technology for next generation education
    • higher quality education which makes users more viable in the job market
  • Easy and reliable ordering / receiving

About Paradigm

Paradigm continues to be on the leading edge of dental education tools. Paradigm has over two decades of experience in the dental industry which insures a high degree of accuracy in all of our models including proper occlusion, articulation, realistic tissue, bone, and tooth composition. Our orthodontic products include training multi-step series that demonstrate the movement of the teeth from malocclusion to ideal alignment.

Advanced Dental Education Module (ADEM)

The Leading Edge! ADEM is a state-of-the-art unique design that is a vast improvement to existing systems in the dental head model / manikin market, moving dental schools, students, and professionals into the next generation of training tools and enabling higher quality dental services. ADEM Catalog

The ADEM manikin includes the Oral Cavity Covers that enables realistic life like experience including drilling, full irrigation, and drainage. The Phantom Face mask completes the simulation by providing a life-like skin that surrounds the oral cavity and typodont model. Typodonts have screw retained, individual teeth that allow a student to buy a single tooth replacement. Surgical, drillable bone mandibles fit directly into the manikin making it an ideal platform for training of implants, dentures, etc. Soft tissue models provide realistic training for students while keeping the cost lower for both the institution and the student. We offer both 28 teeth and 32 teeth models in both soft tissue and hard base.

Educators Students Professionals

alue: The price point for the ADEM system will be at, or below, other current market models making it extremely cost effective for our entire range of clients. In addition, beyond the initial savings, there are many inherent quantifiable time saving procedures that provide significant value for years. The leading edge durability and longevity of the system provides cost saving across the board. This is just a small sample of the advantages – click on your user group to see even more about the Value of ADEM.

fficiency: This system increases the speed with which students and educators can move from set-up to actual training by vastly simplifying the mechanism and process for changing typodonts so that even a new student can make the adjustments needed without instructor assistance. It is light weight compared to other simulators, making it easy to lift and manipulate. This is just a small sample of the advantages – click on your user group to see even more about the Efficiency of ADEM.

ersatility: This system employs a unique design that allows educators versatile purchasing and implementation options within the learning environment – our clients move smoothly forward into the future. The model’s universal fitting can be used within other manufacturer’s heads without having to purchase additional heads or parts. Students and professionals can learn multiple dental disciplines in one model, providing a more realistic educational experience that translates to a higher skill level. This is just a small sample of the advantages – click on your user group to see even more about the Versatility of ADEM.